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Download copy of the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (updated November 21, 2017)

Legislative Alert: TAA is monitoring the following bills before the 110th General Assembly (2016-2017)

SB18 (Harris) / HB24 (Deberry, Jr.) - CRIMINAL LAW: Citizen’s Right to Fight Blight Act of 2017.
Exempts a property owner, lessee, or anyone acting under the direction of an owner or lessee, from criminal trespass for removal of trash or debris or maintenance of blighted property owned by the city or county.
SB135 (Dickerson) / HB98 (Lamberth) - CAMPAIGNS & LOBBYING: Nonpartisan elections for state trial court judges in Shelby and Davidson counties.
SB160 (Kelsey) / HB188 (Deberry, Jr.) - JUDICIARY: Civil actions in general sessions court. Changes the method by which a civil action in the general sessions courts is commenced from issuance of a warrant by a clerk, to filing a warrant with the clerk.
SB260 (Johnson) / HB371 (Marsh) - PROFESSIONS & LICENSURE: Defines short term rentals.
SB274 (Harris) / HB1264 (Towns)CRIMINAL LAW: Trespassing in open areas. Specifies that housing and apartment complex common areas are not considered open to the public for purposes of criminal trespass.
SB363 (Haile) / HB1143 (Casada) - LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Inclusionary housing requirements clarified.
SB371 (Overbey) / HB420 (Farmer) – PROPERTY & HOUSING: Uniform Unclaimed Property Act.
SB372 (Overbey) / HB497 (McCormick) – PROPERTY & HOUSING: Taxation of short-term rentals.
SB469 (Niceley) / HB456 (Littleton) – PROPERTY & HOUSING: Flying of US flag and military flags by veterans – HOA restrictions.
SB509 (Gardenhire) / HB472 (Gravitt) – PROPERTY & HOUSING: East Ridge added to governing bodies that can adopt ordinances for dwelling inspections.
SB520 (Massey) / HB476 (Gravitt) – LOCAL GOVERMENT: Zoning to include building design elements.
SB643 (Lundberg) / HB940 (Carter) – FAMILY LAW: Granting of restraining order.
SB743 (Yarbro) / HB595 (Beck) – TRANSPORTATION VEHICLES: Towing vehicles parked in disabled spaces.
SB753 (Beavers) / HB893 (Pody) – TAXES PROPERTY: Assessment of real property.
SB783 (Dickerson) / HB1384 (Jernigan) – ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Authorization and procedures for housing authorities to redevelop certain areas for transit projects.
SB793 (Dickerson) / HB447 (Curcio) – CRIMINAL LAW: Eliminates certain defense to criminal trespass.
SB855 (Roberts) / HB1157 (Littleton) – JUDICIARY: Service of process from general sessions court.
SB983 (Gresham) / HB752 (Goins) – JUDICIARY: Permits person who is granted an order of protection to carry a handgun.
SB1005 (Tate) / HB823 (Gilmore) – PROPERTY & HOUSING: Best practices concerning implementation of housing programs.
SB1086 (Stevens) / HB1020 (Sexton) – RETAIL TRADE: Short-Term Rental Unit Act.
SB1094 (Kyle) / HB1309 (Turner) – LABOR LAW: Notice to employee – rescinding of a previously approved 30-minute break waiver.
SB1105 (Kyle) / HB477 (Clemmons) – LABOR LAW: Tennessee Pay Equality Transparency Act.
SB1106 (Kyle) / HB1246 (Clemmons) – LABOR LAW: Tennessee Pay Equality Act.
SB1182 (Niceley) / HB78 (Kane) – CRIMINAL LAW: Trespass notification through the use of purple paint.
SB1368 (Bailey) / HB496 (Williams) – PROPERTY & HOUSING: Permits land owner subject to a regulatory taking to file a petition for a jury of inquest.
SB1411 (Kyle) / HB80 (Hardaway) – LABOR LAW: TN Minimum Wage Act.

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